17th September, 2011

My First Post….. Purpose of my Blog

posted 3 years ago

Welcome to my blog!!!!


                  Chloe      Cracker 

Disclaimer: This blog is intended to be informal, causal, and fun. I’ve always hating proofreading and spellcheck has handicapped my spelling accuracy abilities. Forrgiv me ef mi spellen, sentense structchure, and werd choyce iszit the grate-test.

This blog was created to give people an insight of my frugal world and saving money ways. Money saving tactics are like 

Here are some things I do to save

1. Couponing
2. Strategic/Seasonal shopping (clearance sections and buying items in the off season)
3.Thrift stores/yard sales
4. Online Shopping
5. Participating in rewards/loyalty programs
6. DIY (do it yourself) projects or re-purposing/recycling household items

Just to name a few……   :)

I want to empower and inspire people to save money in different ways. Which means you don’t have to be a crazy coupon lady (or man) who buys 100 bottles of mustard. I consider myself a normal person trying to save money. I don’t necessarily live on the grid or have a stock pile taking over my apartment.

Comment if you have any questions or suggestions. 


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